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🌸Dr. Katarina Badawi

Holistic practice of Badawi Polyclinic

Dr. Katarina Badawi is a doctor of general practice and Chinese medicine, EFT practitioner, Reiki master, author of psychology and healthy nutrition books and the only licensed Budwig protocol practitioner in the Balkans.

She graduated from Cambridge High School, United Arab Emirates branch. Then the medical faculty in Novi Sad and Chinese medicine at Zhejiang Chinese Medical University.

Dr. Katarina Badawi • Licensed practitioner of the Budwig protocol


General examination

Dr. Katarina Badawi performs a general examination: conversation, blood pressure measurement, listening to the lungs…

EFT – emotional freedom technique

EFT is a powerful new healing method based on new discoveries of the connection between energy…

Acupuncture and Catgut Embedding

Acupuncture is one of the types of traditional Chinese medicine. Catgut embedding is a form of permanent acupuncture.

Light therapy

Polarized light is used for therapeutic purposes. We apply Bioptron.

Magnetic therapy

Magnetic treatments represent a natural support and help for the body.

Budwig Wellness Program

The program is led by Dr. Katarina Badawi…

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