General examination • Dr. Katarina Badawi

🌸General examination

As a general practitioner, Dr. Katarina Badawi performs a general examination: conversation, blood pressure measurement, listening to the lungs and heartbeat, examination of the ear, throat and abdomen.

To those people who present themselves with any complaints. For example. cold, pain, newly discovered diagnosis, chronic diseases with diagnoses for many years.

Dr. Katarina Badawi helps you heal faster and more efficiently. Thanks to the unique combination of official and "alternative" medicine, she looks at the patient as a whole, talks with the patient and provides more opportunities for recovery. You receive suggestions as to which specialist to refer to - if there is a need, which tests (laboratory, radiological, etc.) to perform, as well as which of the therapies of alternative branches of medicine suits you best.

You leave the examination with a clear therapy, instructions, suggestions for herbal and natural therapy and with the possibility of further consultation by phone, email and of course live at the control examination - which is always free.

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