🌸The only licensed Budwig protocol practitioner in the Balkans.

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Dr. Katarina Badawi

Doctor of general practice and Chinese medicine

Dr. Katarina Badawi is a doctor of general practice and Chinese medicine, EFT practitioner, Reiki master, author of psychology and healthy nutrition books and the only licensed Budwig protocol practitioner in the Balkans.

She graduated from Cambridge High School, United Arab Emirates branch. Then the medical faculty in Novi Sad and Chinese medicine at Zhejiang Chinese Medical University.

At the beginning of work in Badawi polyclinics, there was a need for further education in order to be able to help more patients who came with diagnoses of severe and “incurable” diseases. Since 2009, she received a license to work according to the Budwig protocol and opened a branch of the Budwig Center from Spain, which deals with the treatment of these diseases.

In 2010. she founded Holistic practice of Badawi Polyclinic, where he works with over 10 natural medicine therapists.

In her Holistic office, Dr. Katarina Badawi deals with general practice, acupuncture, Emotional Freedom Technique, Budwig protocol and other associated therapies. The only one in the country that does long-term acupuncture Catgut embedding.

Due to the great importance of food on health, which can be medicine or poison, Dr. Katarina Badawi holds healthy food workshops and educational courses related to the same topic.

As a mother of two children, she was inspired to write a second book of recipes, Food II, for all mothers who have little time, but want to provide their little one with the healthiest combination of foods.

  • Cambridge School Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.;
  • Medical University of Novi Sad, Serbia;
  • Zheijiang Chinese Medical University, Hangzhou China;
  • Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine;
  • Reiki Master Certificate, Subotica Serbia;
  • DNA Theta Healing, Belgrade Serbia;
  • Certificate of Completion of Studies and Research of Dr. Johanna Budwig’s; Natural Health Therapies, Malaga Spain;
  • Licenced Budwig Protocol Practitioner.
  • EFT Emotional Freedom Technique,Belgrade and Novi Sad Serbia;
  • EFT Practitioner;
  • Nutrition and Herbal Remedies in Prevention and Treatment of Malignant Diseases, Belgrade Serbia;
  • Nutritional Councelor.