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🌸Light therapy

Polarized light is used for therapeutic purposes.

We apply it with a Bioptron or Impulser device, i.e. lamp. The basic mechanism of action of polarized light is biostimulation. When light is directed at the skin, it stimulates the light-sensitive biomolecules within the cellular structure. This initiates chain reactions in the cells and triggers secondary responses, which are not limited to the skin we are treating, but include the entire organism.

It can help speed up the healing of wounds whether they are caused by injury or after surgery. Light strengthens the regenerative processes in the whole organism and thus accelerates the healing process. It also stimulates and balances metabolism, improves capillary circulation, strengthens immunity, has a beneficial effect on muscles and joints and increases mobility, relieves pain and helps with many skin conditions of various origins, first and second degree burns, decubitus (sores from lying down immobile patients ), Ulcus cruris (long-term wounds on the lower legs, which leak and do not heal).

Lamp therapies are recommended 1-3 times a day. Using it is completely safe, without side effects, completely painless and simple. The radiation lasts 5-10 minutes, which is determined by the doctor.

Sometimes the doctor determines the application and color that can significantly enhance the effect of polarized light therapy. The procedure is simple, it is carried out by adding a color filter and the therapy is then carried out according to the principles of light therapy, which will be determined and monitored by the doctor. Light therapy can also be carried out at home if you have a small lamp for home use. You can come to Dr. Katarina Badawi for education and explanations on how to use it.

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