Budwig wellness program • Dr. Katarina Badawi

🌸Budwig Wellness program

The program is led by Dr. Katarina Badawi, General Practitioner, Chinese Medicine, Reiki Master, EFT Practitioner and licensed Budwig Practitioner.

Budwig protokol helps in the treatment of chronic and malignant diseases. It is basedon detox and regeneration.
Online consultation includes:
• Reviewing medical history;
• Advice on supplements, herbs and diet;
• Advice on baths, excercise, self care, and homemade therapies;
• Mental and emotional support and advice.

Dr. Joanna Budwig was one of the top German biochemists as well as one of the best researchers in the field of cancer throughout Europe. She was nominated for the Nobel Prize 7 times. During 50 years of working with patients, nutrition and her protocol, she had over 90% success in treating patients with all types of cancer. That is why the Budwig Center of the Badawi Polyclinic in Subotica uses this as the basis of the program.

The Budwig protocol consists of therapies that lead to strengthening of immunity, establishment of alkaline blood pH, killing of parasites and microorganisms, detoxification of the body, restoration of proper cell development and proper metabolism and healthy emotional life.

After enrolling in our Wellness Education Program where you will have the opportunity to learn about everything that Dr. Budwig used to treat her patients, you will learn about the foods you should eat and avoid. You will receive a daily schedule detailing what you need to do each day. You will also receive several Budwig recipes and ideas for preparing meals according to the principles of Dr. Budwig. Each therapy you use will be explained to you - its application and purpose:

• Selected herbal therapy;
• Microbial destruction program;
• Daily detoxification;
• Ultra cleansing of the liver and gall bladder;
• Medical magnets;
• Emotional healing;
• Acupuncture;
• Interpersonal relations;
• Color therapy;
• Bipolar light;
• Aqua Detoxification;
• Recipes;
• Pain therapy;
• Treatments in the polyclinic;
• SCIO biresonance therapy;
• Bach flower drops;
• Energetic exercises;
• Reconnection;
• Kahi healing.

The Budwig wellness program in our polyclinic lasts two weeks. During those two weeks, the patient will follow a part of the program in his accommodation and spend three to four hours every afternoon in the pleasant environment of the polyclinic.

There are 4 main causes of cancer:

• Lack of oxygen;
• Acidic blood pH;
• Toxins;
• Stress.

Our goal is to eliminate the causes of the disease, and thus bring the body into an emotional, energetic and physical balance.

Consultation, package of supplements, teas, bio-magnets, crystals, zapper, Budwig manual, positive thinking book, recipe book.


• Acupuncture, 10x;
• Bioresonance therapy 10x;
• Quantum bearing 10x;
• Light therapy 10x;
• Aqua detox 4x;
• SCIO quantum diagnostics and therapy 3x;
• Bach flower drops 1x;
• Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) as needed;
• Energy exercises 1x;
• Reconnective healing as needed;
• Kahi healing.

If you do not come to us with your own transport, we can provide transport for patients in the country and abroad. If it is an immobile patient, we can offer transport by private ambulance ALLEGRO. Transportation from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the clinic is also organized.

You can book accommodation via booking.com or airbnb.com.
After two weeks, you leave refreshed, relieved, with a cleansed soul and body, equipped with techniques and knowledge with which you will maintain your health.

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