Detoxification of soul and body, Duration: 1 day

Cours • Workshop Description

    🌸In this one-day course, you will learn how to prepare foods from which cells recover, learn techniques to eliminate negative emotions as possible triggers.

    You will get information about all the natural methods that can help you.

    Enjoyment in everything
    Detoxification of soul and body • Dr. Katarina Badawi

    Group work

    The course is designed as group work for 5 to 25 people, 7 hours of education. An unforgettable experience and a handful of useful tips.


    Detoxification of the body

    The one-day course serves as self-help in detoxifying the body and soul and as self-help in the treatment of cancer and other chronic diseases.

    Detoxification of soul and body • Dr. Katarina Badawi 2

    🌸The course is intended for:

    • For healthy people to learn how to stay healthy;
    • The sick to get an idea of how to take care of themselves;
    • Doctors - so that they can give more complete advice for psycho-physical health;
    • Psychologists - in order to prevent diseases caused by emotions and traumas in time;
    • Athletes and trainers - in order to get the best food and get an idea of how to remove blockages, bring the mind and body to a level where they can achieve great results;
    • To all mothers who want to create healthy living conditions for their children and family.

    🌸Attendees get:

    • Complete insight into the 4 causes of the disease;
    • Complete instructions on how to eliminate the causes of cancer, diabetes; osteoporosis, colds, reduced immunity and other diseases;
    • Budwig protocol with clear instructions on Budwig nutrition, detoxification of the body and immediate environment and strengthening of the body;
    • Recipe book "FOOD" with over 90 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and cakes;
    • The book "Your Powers, Your Choice" for positive work on yourself;
    • Instructions on a healthy lifestyle, including the correct use of magnets, colors and crystals in everyday life, something important about sound frequencies and how to protect yourself from harmful radiation;
    • Certificate of course attendance.

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