Emotional support for pregnant women and new mothers, Duration: 3 days, 1.5 hours each

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🌸Support for all pregnant women and new mothers in the most sensitive period.

Replenish your energy and learn methods that will relieve your pressure.

Enjoyment in everything
Emotional support for pregnant women and new mothers • Dr. Katarina Badawi


This workshop is designed to support all pregnant women and new mothers, knowing how emotionally charged they are, i.e. how sensitive, emotional and attention-seeking they are during that period.



Spend a few hours with experienced therapists, mothers, to replenish your energy and to learn methods that will ease the pressure of this wonderful period.

Emotional support for pregnant women and new mothers • Dr. Katarina Badawi 2


• Dr. Katarina Badawi, doctor of general and Chinese medicine, EFT practitioner;
• Dr. Mate Emeše, philologist - Kahi healing practitioner;
• Jasna Evetović, Holistic Life Coach and energy exercise therapist.

🌸First day:

• Jasna Evetović, 60 minutes;
Energy exercises, for balancing the first to tenth chakras;
Why? Unwanted emotions are easily awakened during pregnancy and after childbirth. Learn easy and simple body movements that can help you release those unwanted emotions.
• Dr. Katarina Badawi, introduction to tomorrow's Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT);
• Dr. Mate Emeše, introduction for day III, on the topic: "Emotional connection between mother and baby".

🌸Another day:

• Dr. Katarina Badawi, 60 minutes.
Emotional Freedom Technique - removing the fear of childbirth (whether expected or already passed) and removing negative programs related to small children.
It is natural to have fears of the unknown. Thus, pregnant women who present their first pregnancy are often afraid of giving birth. Let's get it out of the way and welcome your baby in peace.
Also, moms who remember childbirth as a difficult and negative experience can overcome those feelings at this workshop;
• Dr. Emeše Mate, 15 minutes, introduction to the lecture "Emotional connection between mother and baby"
• Jasna Evetović, 15 minutes, a little more about energy exercises.

🌸Third day:

• Dr. Emeše Mate, 60 minutes.
Emotional connection of the mother with the baby.
When that little heart starts beating (still in the belly) the baby begins to receive the emotions of its mother. Learn how to connect with your baby and child today, so that tomorrow will be more beautiful, and the day after tomorrow will be simpler.
• Jasna Evetović, 15 minutes, summary of energy exercises;
• Dr. Katarina Badawi, 15 minutes, some more about EFT.

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